Privacy Policy Video information processing equipment installed and operating policies

Video information processing equipment installed and operating policies

Article 1 The Ground and Purpose of Installation of Image Information Processing Equipment

Foreheal Hotel shall install and operate image information processing equipment for the following purposes in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 25 of Personal Information Protection Act.

  1. - Safety of facilities and fire prevention
  2. - Crime prevention for customers’ safety

※ In case the business facility has a parking space that can hold more than 30 vehicles, installation and operation are allowed on the basis of Paragraph 1 of Article 6 of 「Enforcement Regulations on Parking Lot Act」.

Article 2 Installation Capacity, Position and Filming Scope

Installation algebra, install the shooting range Location and information
Number of Equipment Installed Installation Position and Filming Scope
120 units Lobby, Parking Lot Entrance, Offices, etc./td>

Article 3 Manager and Access Controller

To protect image information of customers and handle related complaints, the Company has the Image Information Protection Manager and Access Controller as the following:

Administrative Officer and Access Authority Holder
  Department Name Title Contact
Managing Director Positive Management Office Park, In Yong General Manager +82-10-4451-3465
Access Authority Holder Positive Management Office Peak, Young Gi Staff +82-10-8082-1411

Article 4 Consignment of Image Information Processing Equipment

Foreheal Hotel consigns visual information processing equipment as the following in order to improve implement its services, and has established a set of regulations on consignment agreement of visual information processing equipment according to the law in order to protect the personal information.

Consignment of Image Information Processing Equipment
Consignee Range of Consignment
S-way Korea Operation of CCTV

Article 5 Filming Hours, Storage Period, Storage Place and Processing Method

Filming Hours, Storage Period, Storage Place and Processing Method
Filming Hours Storage Period Storage Place
24 hours 30 days CCTV management office in each chain

Processing Method: Matters regarding the requirements such as use of personal image information outside the purposes, provision to a third party, destruction and viewing are recorded, and after the retention period, all data are permanently deleted using a technical method ensuring that the records cannot be reproduced (data printed on paper must be shredded in a paper shredder or incinerate).

Article 6 Matters on Viewing of Image Information and Place Thereof

  1. - How to view: Contact and visit the Image Information Access Controller of the Hotel.
  2. - Place: department offices with access to CCTV records (Safety Department and etc.)

Article 7 Measures for Viewing Requests of Subjects of Image Information

If a guest wants to view or delete his/her personal image information, he/she can make a request to the Image Information Processing Equipment Operation Manager at all times. However, the information is limited to the images containing the guest and/or to those needed for the protection of his/her health or property. If requested to view or delete the personal image information, Foreheal Hotel will take a necessary measure immediately.

Article 8 Safety of Image Information

The image information processed by Foreheal Hotel is encrypted for safety. In addition, Foreheal Hotel differentiates the access control to the image information for the purpose of management of the personal image information. To prevent counterfeit and forgery of personal image information, date of creation, purpose of viewing, name of the viewer, date viewed and etc. are properly recorded and managed. In addition, the image information is kept safe in a locked cabinet.

Article 9 Change in the Privacy Policy

The Image Information Processing Equipment Installation and Operation Policy was enacted on September 19th, 2014. When there is an addition, a deletion or a correction of the content of the current Policy in accordance to laws, policies or changes in security technology, it should be informed through the Foreheal Hotel website seven (7) days before the implementation of such changes.

Date of First Announcement: July 1, 2016

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